Recent and Ongoing Initiatives

That Man May See is grateful for your gifts, large and small, that strengthen UCSF’s vision science community.

Andrew and Cecilia Yau of Bangkok recently funded their second endowed chair with a generous gift to That Man May See: the Michael J. Hogan, MD, and Andrew Yau Chair in Ophthalmic Pathology at UCSF. J. Brooks Crawford, MD, and Devron H. Char, MD, inspired UCSF Ophthalmology alumni to contribute to the endowment, bringing honor to the Yaus and also to Dr. Hogan, a distinguished department chair and highly regarded pathologist.

Emmett Cunningham, MD, PhD, MPH, established The Robert Nozik Lectureship to enrich education of faculty, residents, and fellows.

Julie Schallhorn, MD, received support from Koret Foundation and Kimball Foundation. Her practice will benefit from the femtosecond laser surgical suite purchased with gifts from Don and Judy McCubbin, Joan and David Traitel, and Chuck Robel.

Thuy Doan, MD, PhD, established her research laboratory at the Proctor Foundation with support from the Huang Pacific Foundation.

Koret Foundation, Kimball Foundation, and the David and Elva Sinai Foundation support the recruitment of a new pediatric glaucoma specialist.

Alastair and Celine Mactaggart, Gloria and Saul Feldman, and Jim and Joan Kirsner support David Hwang, MD, FACS, in his development, dissemination, and teaching of new methods for corneal disease and cataract therapy, including novel surgical procedures.

Ronald and Anita Wornick support the neuroscience research of Yvonne Ou, MD, and Erik Ullian, PhD, to advance novel diagnostics and treatments.

The Fortisure Foundation enables worldwide glaucoma study, led by Robert Stamper, MD, to develop cost-effective screening protocols and medical and surgical treatments for developing countries.

William and Sonia Davidow support Shan Lin, MD’s studies of angle-closure glaucoma, which have led to substantial improvements in the diagnosis and treatment of this blinding disorder.

Infectious and Inflammatory Eye Diseases
Providing major support for studies  that formulate and test potential solutions to save sight and lives worldwide are Peierls Foundation; Huang Pacific Foundation; Harper-Inglis Memorial Fund for Eye Research; the Sara & Evan Williams Foundation; Sue and Laurence Spitters, Perkins Hunter Foundation; Jerome H. Debs II; Ivan, Maris, and Harry Meyerson; and Marilyn and Jack Whitcher.

Macular and Retinal Degenerations
The Larry L. Hillblom Foundation, Lisa and John Pritzker Family Fund, and Lynn Pasternak support multifaceted research by Dan Schwartz, MD, Jay Stewart, MD, and Robert Bhisitkul, MD, PhD, to advance new solutions for these diseases.

The Claire Giannini Fund established a pediatric retinal disease clinic and supports the research of Jacque Duncan, MD; Bertil Damato, MD, PhD, FRCOphth; Tony Moore, MD; David Copenhagen, PhD, Bruce Conklin, MD, and Alejandra de Alba Campomanes, MD, MPH, to improve the sight of infants, children, and future generations.

The Hellman Family Fund supports the Alzheimer’s-related retinal research of Ari Green, MD.

Seed-Funded Investigations
Faculty researchers initiate peer-reviewed projects with high potential for impact. Demonstrated results allow them to seek federal funding.

Alejandra de Alba Campomanes, MD, MPH
Advanced Measurement Techniques to Improve Pediatric Cataract Surgery

Dr. de Alba investigates the use of advanced intraoperative measurement techniques, aiming to significantly improve vision for pediatric cataract patients treated with intraocular lenses.

Thuy Doan, MD, PhD
The Impact of Antibiotics on the Biomes of Patients
Dr. Doan’s team uses next-generation genetic sequencing to characterize and compare bacteria and viruses on the ocular surfaces of patients who use antibiotics ongoingly and those who do not. The study may lead to improved diagnostics and targeted treatments for eye infections.

Douglas Gould, PhD
Genetic Causes for Anterior Segment Dysgenesis
Dr. Gould’s team examines genetic causes of developmental defects of the front of the eye, with a focus on new mutations identified in his lab. Such defects cause sight loss and disfigurement. The team analyzes cell populations that contribute to this type of defective development.

Jennifer Rose-Nussbaumer, MD
Collagen Cross-Linking to Prevent Blindness
Infectious keratitis can lead to corneal opacity, the fourth leading cause of blindness. Dr. Rose- Nussbaumer investigates whether collagen cross-linking, a surgical procedure to strengthen the cornea, can benefit patients with this disorder. 

Jay Stewart, MD, and Ricardo Lamy, MD, PhD
Intravitreal Injection of a Novel Polymer to Increase Retinal Blood Flow
Restricted blood flow to the retina causes diabetic retinopathy, a leading cause of irreversible vision loss. The team studies a novel polymer capable of sustained carbon dioxide release. In collaboration with Robert Grubbs, PhD (Caltech), they examine the polymer’s potential to reduce the incidence of diabetic retinopathy.

Thomas R. Mazzocco, MD, members of the Frederick C. Cordes Eye Society and the H. Bruce Ostler Fellows support medical student, resident, and fellow education.

The Augie Fund, which provides glasses and specialized lenses for vulnerable children, is supported by Gerson and Barbara Bakar, Bruce U. Wintroub, MD, and Marya Wintroub.